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MOB sewage Database

This project dealt with the conversion of maps of sewer systems to digital maps This project dealt with the conversion of sewer systems maps for (Al-Doura, Al-Shula, Al-Mansour and Al-Rashid Municipalities) from paper to digital form using ArcGIS for Desktop technology and its accessories specialized in network representation and specialized engineers to work in such projects to identify the issues that occurs on the network and monitor the obstacles and apply the appropriate solutions as well as collecting ground control points (GPS) to correct the positions of paper maps. Working on digital maps will make it much easier for the analyst to identify points that require an update or replacement rather than going down to the work site. The dealing with the data of these maps in terms of modification from time to time, which helps to reduce time and efforts to search for these maps and papers, and the continuous input of these data helps to make the decision more accurately.

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MOB sewage Database
Baghdad Sewage Directorate
Mayoralty of Baghdad