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Enterprise GIS solutions are integrated throughout an entire enterprise integrating large number of users and managing large volumes of geo-databases across multiple departments, and serving the entire enterprise. Enterprise GIS solutions enable automation, efficiency, collaboration, proficiency, transparency and cost-edge to your organizations decision making and actions. We have helped organizations across multiple industries implement enterprise GIS solutions that enable customers to access business data, integrate workflows and enterprise systems, interface with asset management systems, associate customer information with geo-spatial data and perform geo-spatial queries and generate reports. We support customers to establishing GIS as a spatial decision support system to multiple stakeholders across the enterprise. Our Offerings: • GIS vision and roadmap definition. • Defining GIS enterprise solution strategy. • Complete needs and requirement analysis. • Implementation planning.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support team is dedicated to providing you with expert assistance. The team’s goal is to answer questions and resolve all kinds of Esri, Envi and Trimble GPS related issues efficiently and within a short period of time. We are working with all our efforts to offer you a better quality and faster support service with these systems.


It’s at the heart of everything we do. And we know what works. We live and breathe design. Our integrated approach makes sure everything we do is visually engaging and intelligently functional for your individual requirements. Our team has a passion for many aspects of design including photography, architecture, typography and illustration


Where to start from, how to develop what you have, and finally what is next? All these questions and more made us utilize our experience in serving our clients and answer these types of questions. Our consultation activates cover the full cycle of solutions implementation in both Governmental and Private agencies. We offer GIS orientation meetings to our new clients, to discuss how geospatial empowers their business or what new in the technology, and even to check your needs and look at how we can work with you to get the results you want. The consulting services address every phase of the GIS life cycle to offer solutions within a variety of different application areas. .


• Our aim with respect to training is to help you derive maximum benefit from their investment in GIS and remote sensing technology. Atlas offers a wide range of training courses, for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Our courses are Esri Inc and Harris (ENVI) accredited, which mean that you will receive a recognized global qualification. Custom courses to meet your business needs can also be developed and delivered.
• Our instructors are also certified by Esri Inc and ENVI which mean that you can be assured that our instructors are very familiar with course content and GIS and ENVI software products. Our instructors are regularly refreshing their knowledge.
• Apart from a range of regularly scheduled courses held at our training facilities, client site trainings can be offered.
• Our Training facilities are located in Baghdad-Iraq and Beirut-Lebanon. These facilities are equipped with the latest technology in order to deliver the best education.