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Atlas (established in 1989) is a company fully specialized in GIS applications and services as well as remote sensing, digital maps and space images. For more than fifteen years, Atlas has been working with many government agencies as well as private sector establishments, contributing with its knowledge and experience to a wide range of domains. Atlas has supported many organizations with one or more of The following specialized services: Providing a full range of hardware devices pertaining To GIS like (GPS devices, Scanners, Plotters,Networks, etc ).
• User needs assessment study.
• System conceptual design.
• Database design.
• Data automation & conversion.
• System installation, commissioning, and technical support.
• Remote sensing and image processing services.
• GIS software.
• GIS training.
• GIS consulting.
Through seminars, pilot projects and intensive training, Atlas has undertaken the responsibility of educating people in various Iraqi sectors and Universities about ESRI GIS solutions and how it could touch their daily lives. Atlas Facilities and Staff: Atlas offices are located in Baghdad, Iraq. The Company maintains a staff of professional GIS specialists, technical support and administrative personnel. Atlas employs a team of professionals with GIS and other computer-based applications experience. The computer facilities at the company′s two offices include a number of workstations, digitizers, plotters, printers, etc.

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